Monday, June 2, 2008

Bambi 1 - Mark 0

Mark was driving to work Thursday morning when a deer felt the urge to cross the road. What I haven't figured out yet is why these animals have not evolved into safer crossing methods. Surely they must realize that when Mommy doesn't make it home, no one gets fed. I know that sounds sarcastic, but it's something I think about every time I see road kill (and believe me, there's plenty of it here in Central Ohio. As soon as Mark stopped the car, he went to look for the deer, It was gone, don't ask me how it survived, as Mark was clipping along at 60 mph and the deer left significant biological material on the windshield. yum - isn't that cup of coffee you're drinking just taste delightful now?

A few more shots:

Anyway, Mark was not hurt. Our car has $4600 worth of damage, and because Mark must get into work, I am without a car all week. Guess I'll get some quilting done


Gina said...

I'm glad that Mark wasn't hurt.

What a great excuse for sewind days though.
love and hugs xxx

Yvonne said...

So happy that it was just the car and not Mark. Hope you gets lots of sewing done.

Susan said...

It's good that Mark was okay, even if the car is slightly worse for the wear. Amazing that the deer got off, but it probably died somewhere in the woods.