Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Brave New World

See? This is typical me. No blog for 10 months and then 2 posts in one day. Ah well, I truly do think bi-polar meds can't be far away.

This quilt is named Brave New World

It appeared in a Fons & Porter magazine. I made myself paper piecing templates because I wanted to insure sharp crisp points.

The quilt top was finished months ago and sent to my quilter. She returned it and there it sat, needing to be bound and labeled. Finally finished it this week and am happy to say that it has a new owner.

Dave, a student of Mark's walked in last week while I was working on this quilt and said "WOW". Well, that was all it took. He doesn't know it, but tonight the quilt is his. I hope he snuggles under it for many years to come. Now, I don't know Dave real well, but my Dog Edie loves him. She's not the friendliest of dogs and is neurotic to the ends of the earth - but she LOVES Dave - so how bad a guy can he be?

Is This Thing On?

I have to laugh at myself, This is the longest that anything I've started has been put away 'for when I feel more like doing it'.

Um.... that's not a complete truth either. I'm a quilter. Or should I say I'm a topper? I love to piece quilt tops. I love picking out the fabric, pressing it, cutting it, stitching it back together and then sitting back and saying.. Awww ain't it purty? And that's about as far as I get. 2007 was my year to get some stuff done. So I bundled up my favorite of the unfinished tops and sent them off to Ann Fry.

Ann is a good friend who quilts tops for me. I had sent her a bunch in 2006 and will dig those photos out later.

She got my tops back to me...and they sat... and sat.. and sat, unbound, unused, unloved by anyone. Well..... this is my year!!! I've been binding and soon will have pictures of FINISHED projects to show all of you. If I ever get off of here, that is. So until next time.. adios!