Sunday, November 30, 2008

T - 24 and counting

In 24 hours, my journey to a 'walking me' starts. Up until about an hour ago, I was not nervous. I shopped and spent money like a drunken sailor. My bedroom is redecorated - new drapes - new bed covering - a million little toss pillows (well ok that's an exageration, but it feels like it). Need to have a pretty room in which to recover.

I bought a gate to keep the critters out of the bedroom during said recovery time. I love my animals but do not need two ten pound cats and a 60 pound dog jumping on the bed, or worse, my new knee. So now, they just sit on the other side of the gate (we tried it out last night) and stare at me. Poor Edie, the big ol' hairy dog, has tried melting the metal of the gate. Another couple of days and she might succeed!

I've cooked and cooked. Mark should be fine finding food to reheat for the two of us. Robin will be here the first 6 days and will cook fresh for us. She's an awesome cook and I think it will give her purpose. There's something special about having your own private RN!

My tree is up and ready for the Season. Nightgowns selected and will pack later this morning. I even made myself 5 new pairs of pajamas for when I get home. Books and magazines also ready to go into the suitcase. Zune charged and headphones also will go into rumble.

And so, with these preparations done, I 'think' I am ready. Only problem, now I have nothing to do but be NERVOUS!

See you all when I get back

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

wow! Long time no see!

Oh I am so bad! I knew it was a while since I made an entry, but I had no idea it was this long! Summertime comes and I just don't sit at the computer. Now mind you, that's not really a good excuse, since I bought a laptop at the beginning of summer.

So for a little catch-up.

In June we drove to Chicago to attend my neice, Donna's high school graduation. She is a lovely young lady with the voice of an angel. I made her a quilt for her graduation present. I believe the details of the quilt are somewhere on this blog, but above is a photo of her with the quilt.

In July we made a trip up to Chicago to see my nephew, Joseph, marry the love of his life, Shelly. Many of you may remember that Joseph is the young man who was injured in Iraq. He is doing well, though has some medical problems that the VA does not address and has decided to seek private care. Don't you love this cake topper!

The best part of the wedding was that my brother, Dan, made a trip to Chicago and then drove back to Columbus with us to spend a week. We had an awesome visit! Oh how I wish I was living in AZ already and seeing my brother every day.

No travelling in August, I had medical appointments. I have more to write on this subject but will make that another post. It deserves its' own space - it's THAT good a story!

So for now, I will bid you adieu and catch up September in my next post.